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About Legal Accelerators

Legal Accelerators 2021 is an international conference and exhibition dedicated to legal technology, legal innovation & connected domains. It took place on 24-26 November 2021 online via live-streaming available worldwide. The audience had the opportunity to meet and share knowledge with more than 50 acclaimed international speakers and connect with top partners in the exhibition area.

The event constitutes a unique meeting opportunity for the Legal Accelerators Community currently in the making: legal professionals, elite tech developers, governmental stakeholders, legal academia from top universities and research centers, and anyone that encounters legal matters in their day-to-day activity and is interested in innovative solutions.

The 3-day Conference & Exhibition is part of a bigger picture and plan. The knowledge exchange, as well as the legal innovation ecosystem & community building and development will take place throughout the year. It will include events in several locations – seminars, talks & workshops, educational programs, a resourceful platform – all dedicated to fostering a community of innovative minds that make in-depth transformation happen.

The 3-day Legal Accelerators 2021 included:

A LegalTech & Innovation Conference with more than 50 speakers – international legal experts, academia lecturers and researchers, app developers, tech wizards – and professionals from across the world in the audience;

Through talks and interactive workshops, all of them live streamed online, the Legal Accelerators Conference tackled topics such as Legal Technology, Innovation in Law, Future of the Legal Professions, Cybersecurity and Data Protection, AI & Blockchain, Legal Design Thinking, Legal Technology Regulation & Ethics, Legal Marketing, Digital Markets, Digitalization of the Public Sector, and more.

The confirmed speakers can be found here

A LegalTech & Innovation Exhibition of products and services offered by exhibitors in LegalTech and connected industries. A taste of the areas covered by the products and services exhibited: legal digital applications, cybersecurity and data protection, AI & Blockchain and many more digital solutions for digital lawyering. 

The last of the three days at Legal Accelerators 2021 was dedicated to innovative entrepreneurs and their start-ups. Through a series of special talks & workshops, it provided brand new information, as well as immediate knowledge and know-how exchange. 

Legal Accelerators 2021 – How can you participate?

You can attend Legal Accelerators from the comfort of your own home, connecting to the live-streaming happening on a dedicated platform. 

The digital ticket offers you corporate digital meeting rooms, private digital chat-rooms, virtual stages, workshop area and more features for an exquisite virtual experience. 

During Legal Accelerators 2021, the audience also had the opportunity to have fun through online relaxing and entertaining activities. 


Online: via online live streaming available world-wide


Wednesday & Thursday & Friday
24-26 November 2021

The Team

Legal Accelerators is an event organized by a team of highly skilled professionals: event strategists, marketers, production designers and, evidently, lawyers. The founders of the event are Mihai Cărăbaș and Oana Lungu, partners at Cărăbaș, Lungu – Attorneys at Law, law firm based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.